Taking Advantage of the Snow Day

Lately, I have been swamped by the amount of reading and problem sets we have to do in my lil' o' liberal arts college. Perhaps I have been spoiled silly by winter break but now we are surely getting whatever work's equivalent of a one month break. I would haven't posted this back on the day I was wearing said outfit because I was plagued by the aforementioned problems. However, we have a snow day today!
A snow day. In a college where everyone lives on campus.
It was strange because all my morning classes were done anyway, nevertheless, it meant that I had no three hours of biology lab to go through. We also got tomorrow off. Before you sniff at the liberal arts college's cowardly attitude to the cold, all my friends from UChicago to Washington University in St. Louis have their day off. Except maybe UMichigan.

The lighting would have been better if it was taken during the day but alas, I forgot so I promise to take better photos in the future. Also something to be forgiven, this was taken by a point-and-shooter (which already dictates the quality and resolution of the photo) propped on a shelf on a timer. Who knew boyfriends could be so useful in taking photos of oneself for the blog? The Zara pants were already shown before in a previous so sorry if it's kind of a repeat of the previous post. The jacket I bought from an decidedly unpreppy story of Urban Outfitters which I got for a steal. The gray flannel I purchased somewhere in Montréal when they had the big boxing day sale (which they should have here in the MA à mon avis).
The bag is also bought from Urban Oufitters. I wish I had more whimisical, amusing and witty things to say but I think I might be suffering a case of brain freeze and general overwhelmed-ness of school.  I am still recovering from what was a god-awful party of the liberal arts college nearby.
It's sad and strange to lament that I have not yet been to a party where I have thoroughly enjoyed myself (sober or not). I should probably catch up a few chapters worth of biology reading, finish Notre-Dame de Paris, start Maupassant's Contes et Nouvelles I & II among other things. Should I suddenly come up with something introspective and insightful I will add it in due time. Enjoy that cup of hot chocolate et bisous.

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i love the photography in this.