All Hail the Newcomers

Please believe me when I say that I never intended to drop off the face of the blog quite so dramatically and for so long. The transition to new city and the 9-5 schedule has been incredibly smooth so far, save for the horrendously slow internet both at home and at work. The unintended side effect is that I have become much less of a couch potato and generally more active in terms of seeking out other activities around the city — I am still surprised at how many people I know are in DC at the moment. My new internet haven for the moment is the local library.

Because it’s been so long since my last post, I owe you all a bit of a wardrobe update. I am happy to announce that getting a jacket is not necessary, as everybody is a bit more lax in the hot summer weather. In fact, I believe I may be able to wear even jeans on Friday. My uniform at the moment, and I believe for the rest of the summer, is going to consist of button down shirts, chinos and loafers. The uniform does not change drastically on the weekends for adventures around the city, except with chino shorts and sandals taking the place of the longer chino pants and loafer.

Though some have taken note of my lack of materialism on my recent AMA, I can assure you that I still give in to the occasional temptation, despite knowing better than to purchase more additions to the wardrobe, as I only have the one piece of luggage with me. I am a bit ashamed to say I was rather spendthrift this weekend, buying the following:
  • Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. Godsend for my limp straight Asian hair in the humidity of the city. It's great as a dry shampoo might I add. Investment grade: worth it.
  • Warby Parker Preston glasses in Whisky Tortoise. My eyesight has deteriorated a little since I started college, so while I can still see quite well sans glasses, it does help to pick out faces in crowds for example. Investment grade: worth it.
  •  Harry's The Winston razor. Though supposedly quite the stereotypical hairless Asian, I personally still see hairs that apparently no one else can see. Nevertheless, I am curious and I bought this along with the Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel as seen on Into the Gloss. Investment grade: ??? as I have yet to try it.
  • Leather bag. My mother bought it for my sister so it’s a wash because I didn’t buy it personally myself. My sister didn’t like it so I picked it up. It’s absolutely enormous, so it’s a great alternative to my Everlane backpack. In hindsight, it looks like the iconic Bottega Venetta bag, which is a huge side plus. Investment grade: oh you bet it’s worth it. 
Things on my radar:
  • Google Nexus 4 phone.
  • New undergarments now that I can go to Nordstrom.
I’ll try to make more frequent visits to the library so that I won’t go AWOL on you guys again. Check out my AMA if you haven’t had a chance to yet in the meantime. Loved answering your questions people! 

The Art of Aging Gracefully (I)

This is perhaps not the best title for a post ever, given the context of the film. I watched Amour (2012) over a small glass of Rosé back in March with a French buddy C. Everybody did a marvelous job, from  Michael Haneke to Emmanuelle Riva, who I thought really should have won the Oscar (instead of Jennifer Lawrence with her good but terribly overrated performance in Silver Linings Playbook (2012)). That’s one of the main reasons I hate the Oscars: it’s all politics and not really about awarding who is truly good in the industry that year.

While they may not have aged particularly gracefully in this film (not really a spoiler), they at least look the part. I liked how the film chose an honest depiction of a couple growing old together, which is at times frustrating, infuriating and painful—a good reality check for those (ahem me) who constantly romanticize about getting older. I can’t be the only odd one who does this: you can get away with ignoring stupid societal norms, first priority seating on public transportation and everything else for that matter, with all the time and the means to pursue your hobbies. What’s not to like?

That aside, I am now convinced that the key to looking understated chic when you are 65+ is a dark minimalist wardrobe. I love how the ladies over at Advanced Style look, but I personally aspire to the way Georges and Anne look here. The fuss free, über-utilitarian feel of their clothes strongly appeals to my sensibilities. Anne is proof that you can wear a hair band and not look like a silly school girl and/or remotely Blair Waldorf-y. Might I add they also have the dream bourgeois apartment.

I hope the screen caps are okay, considering it’s the first time I’ve made them myself. This is part I of II, on style, age and consumer perspective.

Things of Note, May & June

It’s been a long long time since I’ve done this sort of post. I shouldn’t be surprised that June has already rolled around here but I am. Fashion has been quite low on the scale of importance/need of wants so I guess I would just be sharing some things on my mind at the moment that are not necessarily related to the wardrobe per se:
  • Sicilian Dreams by Tom Craig for Vogue Russia. The best summer holiday themed editorial I have seen this season thus far. I have to admit I have a strong Arizona Muse bias. See the rest of it here
  • Lomzynianka. I didn’t even know I had a taste for Polish food until I came to this place in Brooklyn Greenpoint. It’s BYOB, so I brought one of my favourites, Weihanstephaner Hefeweissbier. Most recommended. Website here.
  • Black tie formal wedding this Fall. I just received the invite for my cousin’s big splashy society wedding come September—ughhh. I am happy for her to be sure, however it does add considerably to my budgeting woes. The most fancy garments that I currently own are cocktail dresses at best (yeah I was that girl who skipped prom in high school) and I’ve been sternly told by my aunt (my cousin’s mother) that as part of la familia that won’t cut it. GREAT, JUST FANTASTIC. I should just count my blessings that I was not made a bridesmaid. *dodged that bullet*
  • Still on the fence about the navy blazer. Yeah I’m still drooling over it in my sleep and I understand it’s probably truly worth it; however there is a part of me that wishes it would be so hot in D.C. (and it probably will be) that a navy blazer would not, understandably, be required. I’ve decided the best course of action would be to follow Kali’s advice that I should just wait and see what my senior colleagues wear. Should I feel too underdressed, I will get it.
  • Housing woes. Just when I thought everything was set in D.C., I received a surprise email saying that I could no longer sublet from this alum due to a change in management rules. I suppose nothing can ever work out too perfectly for me, eh?
  • Falling out of love with fashion, but still in love with style. I’ve been thinking about my recent waves of ennui regarding fashion since I last wrote about it and comparing it to Amanda’s latest post. I’ve come to realize that I falling out of fashion again (ceasing all contact with bull$hit fashion news etc.), which has happened to me before during the tail end of my high school years. That being said, I can always appreciate good style, which is often easily confused with fashUN but in reality are two very different things. If you were wondering whether I would still talk about fashion style, then this is the latest update on it.
  • American Vogue on Youtube. Having said all of that on fashion just before, it’s a bit of contradiction to say that I’ve been enjoying most of the content uploaded the Youtube channel of Vogue US. If they put Hamish’s new show (called “Vintage Bowles”, I kid you not) then I will watch it. It’s still a few steps behind the kind of videos that Mr Porter puts out regularly, but it is by far superior to the content offered by Net-à-Porter. 
  • New haircut desperately needed. I hate this mop that’s sitting on the top of my head that passes for a hairstyle. It’s long overgrown but per Chinese custom regarding the recently deceased, I can’t. Cut. My. Hair. For a month. It’s hot in Montréal these few days, so it’s been hell. I suppose I should learn how to braid my own finally and attempt those heidi milkmaid-ishy hair braids. Yodeling and the Sound of Music comes to that the name for it???