Welcome to the Year of the Rabbit

Happy belated Chinese New Year! I thought I could blog yesterday but my computer died in the library. On the other hand though, I fully organized my biology notes so that now I fully understand cell metabolism and glycolysis. Not that you needed to that particular detail. Anyway this year is suppose to be not so good to people born in the year of the rooster so my mother is going to send me a jade rabbit pendant from all the way in Hong Kong to New England for good luck? It's a tad strange that she would go such lengths to do so but it's all for my sake I suppose.
I was pretty down all day yesterday and today because I realized that it would be very hard to do pre-med and go abroad my junior year. It also doesn't help that I haven't been taking much pre-med prerequisites except for maybe calculus and biology. But thankfully, my order from Lands' End finally arrived to cheer me up in time for the weekend.

I had ordered a white oxford, a pair of skinny cords and a pair of straight leg chinos. The most disappointing one of the three must be the oxford blouse because it ran a little tighter than I thought it would. The only place I really order online from is Urban Outfitters and I know that their sizes run pretty small, so I knew I should get medium sizes. However on Lands' End,'s website, people commented that they actually run just right, and by looking at the sizing chart I ordered a size four. Little did I know that it doesn't match my shoulders too well and it seems to be a bit tight in the bust area. It's got great details and pretty well made for the price, but I am just bothered by the fit. I think I will send it back to Lands' End soon for a replacement of maybe a larger size so that it fits loosely. I had been trying not to buy loose clothing and more fitted ones, however I suppose I am most comfortable in looser tops. 

These are the straight leg chinos. I'm sorry that I don't full-length pictures of the pants but alas, the lighting is so bad. Why do I have such a bad habit of suddenly remembering to take outfit photos at night? The chinos sit pretty nicely on my hips, and is of perfect length and fit to body but the cut on one of the legs is kinda funky. The seam runs a little inward compared to the other leg. But it's a minor detail that I'm willing to overlook (I did get it dirt cheap!). Hopefully in the future, Lands' End could leave a little less to be desired. It's super comfy and soft to the touch on the bright side.

Now for the cords, these are truly perfect. I like the shape of my legs the best so I do like to wear pants that are of a tighter fit. They're amazing and I find no fault with it whatsoever. Again the fabric, the buttons, the cut and all other tiny details are all good and I can see myself wearing this almost everyday! Now if I could get my little grubby hands on a pair of L. L. Bean duck boots, Hunter green wellies and a Barbour jacket...

P.S. I'm so sorry about the constantly changing of names and banner and such. I am the most fickle person on and I love to fidget with small minute changes. I promise to stick to this name! 

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