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Due to having less Korean friends in college, my case of K-Pop flu has now mostly gone (though I have to say K-Indie is absolutely fantastic). However, the K-drama bug stayed. This is good and bad - it is a great source of entertainment but is extremely time consuming since it is so easily reachable via Chinese video hosting sites online that uploads it translated and ready for viewing extremely fast.
This is Yoo Ah In (유아인) who is currently endorsing the Korean brand "Jack & Jill" who recently collaborated with Nylon Korea for this editorial. He is so adorable even though he can be kinda of a diva (though methinks he is just cheeky and playful). I liked his latest drama (except for the last episode) and one of his film, Antique Bakery which I might do a post on in the future if I can find good stills. You can see his full bio here.

The Jack & Jill Commercial

I had been feeling quite guilty recently. Every fashion-related post I have done as of late is quite a departure from the preppy/neo-trad aesthetics I was going for when I first started the blog. This might not be truly preppy in the sense that they are wearing the correct Sperry Topsiders and Bass Weejuns and other conventionally  known preppy bands, nevertheless I think this editorial captures the playful and relaxed air of summer preppiness. I love the heavy feature on stripes and denim which are two things I'm pretty sure I will incorporate into my summer wardrobe. I can't wait for summer to come and I wish it would stop raining (it has been going on for about a week + already).
P.S. I just ordered my Olive Hunter wellies in anticipation for more rain~
P.P.S. As I am hitting "publish post" right now (since I wrote the post on Monday night), the weather is absolutely perfect and beautiful. Harrumph!

Behind the Scenes of the Shoot with Nylon Korea

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