Friday Favourites I

Ok last time I said something about not being able to post as much or something along those lines but I say, to hell with it! This is perfect for study breaks but I probably can't not check in with the blog from time to time. I just have to manage time carefully, juggling this along with a French final paper, a French final project, a drawing final project, Biology exam and Macroeconomics exam. It will be manageable and I will do it. I'm thinking more posts on art for the next two upcoming posts and perhaps a couple of posts on editorials. The latter are the ones I am most hesitant on doing because that was exactly why I have shied away from Tumblr to Blogger in the hope of trying to do something a little more original then just either mindless reblogging or snatching something off the internet to blog again. Though again, once in a while they are not too bad and are terrifically inspiring when used well in good timing. Also my fingers are itching again to change the layout of this blog when I quite like it already. Argh the fickle-minded self!
I've noticed that a lot of bloggers like to post a cute "Friday Favourites" post on five favourite things they've found on other style blogs or on Flickr but I think I'll like to start posting my favourite things found on the fabulous Vimeo. I can spend hours there watching just absolutely amazing works of art. Real art by real people :)

Jellyfish in Slowmotion by Michael Shainblum

Free to Be by Ové Pictures

Average Idea by Lindsey J. Testolin

Still Here by Rick Otte

Lily Donaldson by Mutant Jukebox


Krissy said...

Great picks! I really liked the second one; love the illustrations there, and the song was the perfect complement. The Lily Donaldson video is mesmerizing as well.

Hadas -I am your fashion mannequin said...

lovely blog

Ellinor Forje said...

I love the guitar playing tree. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too, soon.


GIAA said...

wow amazing videos! Great post!! ;)



Moorea Seal said...

your blog is SO PRETTY. and i'm way in love with yor awesome flowered short!

ps, you are so right about your comment on my blog. and Haruki Murakami is one of my favorite authors. You are great :)

xo moorea

Anonymous said...

♥ So nice post.)) I love your blog♥

lauren carney said...

hello fancy pants,
just wanted to do a drive by and let you know -
your blog is all kinds of lovely!
That is all. exohexoh

Anonymous said...

Great blog and style ;)
Can we follow each other?? We’re already following you!!!
Hope you’ll follow us back!!
Wherever the Sunset is

Anonymous said...

these are all amazing, it's so inspiring to see videos like this. great picks!

Sassi said...

wow, great videos!

Phuong said...

love the last video

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yiqin; said...

amazing vids!

Anonymous said...

love you blog
Would love to have you as a follower. stop by ;-)
xx Joy

Christie said...

Amazing vids! Great post!!

In Fashion and Style

galatea. said...

my god, your blog is genius! im glad i found you x