I Have Always Depended on the Kindness of Strangers

I just noticed a strange trend going on in my posts. Increasingly, my titles of my posts have grown longer from one word to entire phrases. Random digression! However I have sadly forgotten where I have appropriated the phrase from. If you remember, please let me know!

Edit: Hahahh! It's Blanche DuBois from Streetcar Named Desire.

I was actually planning to write on the artist that came to my school recently and I thought it would be fun to talk about things other than fashion-y things for a while (not that there is anything particularly wrong about it). One thing should be noted though that arts (fine arts and music only - never quite agile or dexterous enough for dancing and have too much of a stage fright to act) have been with me longer than fashion has.

Back to the original topics of the post, thank you for those who have messaged me and encouraged me from my last post. A special shout out to Raulston for his kind words of wisdom!

I do think that the last post was quite weighty and more morbid sounding that I had initially wanted it to be. I apologize for the many typos and how much of my internal myself was offered to the cyber void of the internet. Usually I would be quite flustered about my vulnerability and would, in a heartbeat, delete it so that it would be forever hidden. However I think I should open up and not cower away, embrace the ups and downs as they come along, and should leave the post there as a sort of memento. I hope this does not sound as pretentiously chipper because the tone is quite a departure of from the last post! I sincerely believe this is possible; the last post was just a low moment for me filled with the anxiety of accepting adulthood officially.

The next biggest thank you is to my beloved aunt for sending these amazing boxes of chocolate for my birthday. A great complement du thé. She is the best! The next post is coming soon after the second wave of midterms are over (which should be either Tuesday or Wednesday depending on my French professor). I just didn't want to have an overtly long period of absence without a post to suggest something did happen after the post - I am currently just very busy, busy but functioning :)

P.S. Any thoughts on whether I should just post my email address up here without the message form? Having the contact form makes all the exchanges feel slightly formal/cold/impersonal. Did anybody get a lot spam after putting an email up?


The Queen of Hearts said...

Those sweets look absolutely divine!


Dilan Dilir said...

Oh great blog :D

Lalalala Jess said...

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! I adore yours (:

Emilija said...

Lovely post!
Just found out about your blog, maybe we could follow eachother?



Harriet said...

Those truffles look divine! And I love a bit of Blanche!

carolina dalit said...

those look amazing. <3

Anonymous said...

cool blog, keep it up!
and come visit COSMICaroline to see the 4-part, in-depth look at Nashville Fashion Week!


jamie-lee said...

Ohh thsoe look delicious! As for the email - I have a spam filter with Gmail, and while I think the amount of spam that I get has increased, it never reaches my inbox! :)

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

Ahhh those chocolates look so good... I have serious sweet cravings now! :D


Anonymous said...

Wow I love your blog! It's quite different from anything I've seen and I absolutely adore it. Keep in touch! x and thanks so much for helping me with the pages question - i appreciate it dearly.

Raulston said...

My pleasure J.! Anytime. We are more than likely taking the same set of courses or have and if you need as questions answered I am just a click away.


dulci said...

I don't seem to get much spam. It's nice to have a place for people to reach out!


krystalleee said...

Wow, I just happened to stumble upon this blog and I enjoy your thoughtful writings thoroughly, with its fusion of movie and fashion.

Being just 1 year older than you are, I can completely identify with the previous birthday post, of existentialism and of accepting adulthood. All my friends are joining the rat race willingly and whole-heartedly, but here I am with my wild ambitions, out of touch with the rest of them. While I do feel isolated, and at times still uncertain about whether to take the leap forward to pursue my dreams, at least I know deep down in my heart that it is the right decision. So I say, go forth and chase your dreams, whatever they may be! :)

And oops, sorry for this slightly long-winded comment!! But like I said, I do find it very relevant to me right now. So thank you.