Summer Here We Go

Hello from Vancouver! I arrived luckily with nary a mishap, save for one lost carry on which they soon found and and delivered it to me this afternoon so problem solved. My summer break is indeed quite long - four months to be precise. Thankfully there is plenty of things to do around here to keep me busy, from taking three summer classes in the sexy fun subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Calculus to finish reading all the books on the Harvard Classics series or to just simply enjoy the beautiful city and bask in the sun's glow.
Things I would like to accomplish this summer:
  • - paint
  • - practice photography
  • - go to the beach
  • - finish Harvard Classics/Great Books
  • - master "Claire de Lune"
  • - learn basic German
Despite of having a long laundry list of a combination of things that I want to do and need to do, I would like to take on a new blogging challenge: to post one post everyday for a month. Ideally I would have already started on the first of May and work my way through the following thirty one days, however due to exams I can only start now. The final date of the challenge will be June 8th but I would be happy to post at that rate if I don't run of steam! So here is goes, and let me start with some great editorials to inspire everybody for the summer. And what would you guys want do this summer?


The Pink Monocle said...

Practicing for the LSAT this summer :( Though the pictures certainly make me want to be at a cottage just lounging in the sun!

The Pink Monocle

maja said...

biking on gotland ! (an island btw sweden and finland...)

Anonymous said...

♥oh. so nice post.)) i love your blog.))♥

Make it Easy said...

thank you for visiting my blog!!!
you have very nice things here as well :-)