Fall, Where Art Thou

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Maybe I should just go live south of the equator already, preferably in locations like Brazil or Australia. It's annoying how flip flopped the fashion industry is, enticing us by releasing fall collections and looks when it's only spring/summer. Nevertheless, this new Fall 2011 Collection by SEE BY CHLOE has me wanting to don layers and a pair of boots to go tread on freshly fallen leaves again. I don't intend to be a fashion news site any time soon, so posts on releases will be kept to a minimum - unless they are all so fabulous like this collection here. This looks markedly different from CHLOE so I am supremely curious as to who is behind this! Meanwhile, the collection is a perfect combination of clothing from the two sexes, there are tailored menswear-type pieces yet the soft shades makes it undoubtedly feminine. The icing on top are the bright colours mixed in to keep everything decidedly "off" and not boring. I couldn't refrain from not posting without some adornment in the form of graphics from The Graphics Fairy.   
The one I like the most is the outfit below. I don't quite understand why I like it so much - maybe it's the combination of the wonderful navy blue and the tanned leather boots, or the juxtaposition of the sweater's knitted pattern with the simple tailoring of the pants, or the cute bag - but all in all it's pretty perfect from head to toe. Last but not least, every pair of boots featured in the collection are extremely drool-worthy.


blouse said...

gray tights! sign me up. but....i'm still super excited about bare legs since it just began! haha!


teresa said...

BIG LOVE! This collection is so pretty. I've always loved winter fashion better cause i can do more layering. These combos of beige and blue and grey make so happy :D love your editing of the graphics too!

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

I wish it was Fall already!


alexandra grecco said...

beautiful blog ; )


Kay said...

Lovely! Autumn is easily my favourite season, partly for the layering!
x, {with fingers crossed}

rachel kara said...

This is perfcet for where the seasons are at in Sydney, and what a gorgeous collection.
Love your posts, will definitely be back for more.

Fydez said...

Wow wow wow beautiful photos. So nice outfits that will surely inspire us in the coming fall! xx

Paola said...



Caroline said...

It is absolutely freezing here in Melbourne! I am a big fan of winter dressing though.

Lovely pictures.


Madeleine Roberts said...

It is a big tease! While I/m not ready for fall weather- I am certainly ready for some of these wonderful fall fashions. And this See By Chloe collection is fantastic. I want every piece featured. And those shoes...incredible!!!! It is such a wonderful preppy meets girly look. A style that I have personally become obsessed with.
PS. I just discovered you blog and have fallen in love. It is so beautiful and I love your voice!