Honey I'm Home

...even though I never left the house significantly more than when I was super actively writing. It's strange to hear that people are actually complimenting me on my writing style and voice - I never was that girl who always had essays in the "Prize Paper" (a collection of essays my high school printed annually to show off the best papers of the year before; read: something to mention on college apps) or someone that would send a whole pile of prose and poetry to the school's highly recognized literary arts magazine (in fact I was the head arts editor heh). No; since I am wont to write run on sentences, I am the one with the reoccurring nightmare of myself as a gazelle (sometimes zebra) in the African savannah being hunted and chased by a very drunk Hemingway with a rifle in hand. That being said, THANK YOU very much because there is nothing quite like a compliment where you least expect it to be. On the other hand, I was always the de facto "fine arts person" of the school whether I liked it or not owing to my tell tale dirty fingers whether it was the rainbow-coloured due to paint, black due to charcoal, dark grey due to graphite or red and raw from crew.
This was suppose to be just a laundry list of things that I did while I was away on "holiday" but it turned out to be way wordier than I ever thought it'll be: studied for and took Chemistry exam, ditto with German exam, took lots of photos (fortuitous blog fodder), watched "Midnight in Paris" TWICE (a post in the pipeline on this), applied to be a nature guide at Capilano Suspension Bridge & Park, applied to be volunteer at an contemporary Asian arts gallery (mmmmm right up my alley), dutifully as a citizen of Vancouver watched the Canucks epically lose against the Bruins (this totally broke my teenage heart but damn is Thomas good), went through two hours of my weekly belly dancing lesson, spent an hour minimum at the gym on three occasions, finally finished The Pale King and Bossypants and reread The Portrait of the Lady. It feels good to be productive!
However awesome it feels to get through the monotonous drudgery of every day life with such an enthusiastic mindset, nothing feels better than to be back conversing and sharing things on Blogger again. I am pretty sure I experienced some kind of strange blogging withdrawal that I had to fight the urge to log onto Blogger and go back to playing Clair de Lune on the piano for the umpteenth time to distract myself. It warms the cockles of my heart to be typing once more.

Here is something you could release your anger at if I had inadvertently made you angry/annoyed through what could be misconstrued as smug boasting though I am not responsible for the state of your screen afterwards (also because I have no relevant pictures to add so this will be filed under GPOY). This additionally serves as a final good bye to any political and Wall St. aspirations I might have had before this.


Kay said...

Glad to see you're back!

What a productive week-- good for you! A sense of tangible accomplishment can do wonders for your creative mind, as well.

Looking forward to your thoughts on Midnight, I've been dying to see it. Have a lovely weekend!

x, {with fingers crossed}

Lindsay K said...

I for one LOVE your writing style. Glad you had a productive week.

Phara said...

Hope the exams went well! I always enjoy reading yr blog posts.