It's a Pity I'm Not at Pitti & More

Revlon's Orange Flip Lipstick, J. Crew Top, Straw Hat from a boutique in Shanghai
Sorry for the horrible title - I just love puns (no matter how good or bad), hee. I have an announcement to make which is that the kid sisters are here! Which also means that one of them bought her considerably nicer Nikon D90 camera. She is still very much an amateur but she learns rather quickly. These are kinda test shots that she took just for fun (because practice makes perfect). She'll be my photographer for the summer!
Anyway I thought it would just take this opportunity to do a little update on things:
I.  Photos of MEN'S FASHION WEEK AT MILAN are everywhere and everything looks so beautiful and there is a little sample here by A CONTINUOUS LEAN's Micheal William. Illustrations by the talented RICHARD HAINES (seen here) are equally as lovely.

II. Resort 2012 Collections that I love and hopelessly adore:
III. I have missed DU JUAN (fellow home girl Liu Wen stole the spotlight in recent months) so I was super excited to see her in NUMERO CHINA here

IV.  Girl just upgraded technologically to TWITTER! You can follow me here. I also have the widget at the bottom because I know that not everybody tweets. If you do have an account, leave me a message so I can follow you :D

V.  And what I would be doing this weekend? Attending GENTLEMAN'S RESERVE Pop-Up Market hosted by FREE/MAN. Details here! I know there might be not of things that are suitable for me (me of the other sex) but I can still check out other things like bags and other accessories. So excited. Also there is a Rihanna concert tomorrow but I am only going because CEE LO GREEN is opening for her. Go Cee Lo! 


Phara said...

Love the photographs!
Have fun at the concert dear.

Claire and Vasia said...

Lovely photos!

Jada said...

Haha, I love puns too! Good one :]
Ah, yay for having a photographer aka kid sister to help take your photos :D I love that hat, perfect for the summer!

0000 said...

Great photographs! Just a question: how did you transport the straw hat from Shanghai? I've been thinking of buying a straw hat, but I don't want to buy anything I'll have to throw away when I leave. I'm not sure how I'll be able to pack a straw hat so it doesn't break on the ride back to the States!

Anonymous said...

you are such a cutie, joy. love you hat, the stripes and that lipstick rocks! never was a fan of orange lipstick until now -- preeeeety!

hey, are you by chance sipping on a thai iced tea latte? i haven't had one in ages.

thanks for these links to your fave 2012 restor collections. i'm pining for this look:

oh, by the way, i clobbered my twitter account. i'm feeling rather overwhelmed and it was either facebook or twitter and i chose the latter.

have a great week, joy!

frida vega s. said...

love this, gosh

Lea said...

Lovely hat. I want a boater hat too :) So cute and summery. Love the lace detail on yours.

Emilija said...

Lovely pictures! Love your lipstick :)

You've got a cute blog, maybe you'd like to follow each other?


Anonymous said...

Love the photographs, the lighting is wonderful! You're very photogenic. That drink looks delicious.

Joy said...

@Phara: thanks and I did!
@Jada: I just sent you an email. I don't know why I am so excited for "it"! ;)
@0000: great new post on your blog! It's best if you put it in the hand carry but it's still ok if you choose to put it in the luggage luggage so long as you don't put anything hard and heavy in there next to the hat (read: will squash the hat). Otherwise it's just a simple matter setting the hat against the bottom of the suitcase round side up and stuffing the space inside with the hat with socks, underwear, soft tees etc. Then stuff more on the outside of the hat on the brim to make sure the hat doesn't move and makes sure the brim stays flat and the round head part, well round. Hoped that helped!
@Katrina: sorry to disappoint! It was just Mango Peach smoothie as requested by my sister. Oh man for you Twitter, that's just too bad as I was looking to talking to you on there but it's ok. I just have a strange aversion to Facebook :P
@Everyone else: many many thanks :)

Fabrizia said...

Hi! I like this post so much, you look really great!
If you want come and visit my blog, and if you like, follow me!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous photographs, you're so pretty!

XO Sahra

Lindsay K said...

That lip color is stunning on you! Lovely pictures.

I loved all the street style at Pitti. There's nothing quite like it. I was very jealous that my friend who is a street style photographer got to go. Grr...

I'm really impressed by this resort season.