My First Guest Post

Pretty self-explanatory! It was a pleasure writing for her though in retrospect it was quite nerve racking because there's less of a margin for error. It's ok if you screw up on your own blog but it's quite another to screw up on someone else's, especially one as nice as hers :) I just wrote a few commentaries on books that I have read so far and I hope you will enjoy reading it as much I did writing it. Let me if you have any books that you think I should read in the comments below. Also after watching Midnight in Paris, I feel inspired to do imagined outfit sets like the ones from TEXTBOOK at Tumblr but instead of literary figures, the actual authors themselves. I think it would be fun (e.g. Hemingway safari/hunting outfits). I already have a few in mind, but again feel free to suggest any you think I should cover!


danica said...

i would dress up as sylvia plath :)


So lovely!

You've got a really cute blog, maybe you'd like to follow each other?


Jada said...

I agree..pick Sylvia Plath please!

Kay said...

All books I've been looking forward to reading, especially after your reviews!

Joy said...

@Danica, Jada - Sylvia Plath it is! She's definitely high up on the list but I have a feeling I'll get a better post if I could wait until Sept to go to the school archives and look for authentic photos.
@Kay - happy reading! I hope you'll like them.