Filson Saves the Day

Problem sets, reading quizzes, essays and hundreds of pages waiting to be done? Have no fear, for your Filson bag is here. There are a ton of nicely divided compartments within the bag that you can neatly file away all the notebooks, calculators, pencil, iPod and phone etc. that you need for the day. The bag is extremely hardy that it arrived super stiff from the box (and still is) and will take a long time for it to break in and soften up a bit. However, this is only a sign that the bag will age well in the face of all future wear and tear. It's just that it's cumbersome at times when the bag doesn't open fully unless you physically stretch it out a bit more with your hands, which is a minor gripe. What I love about the bag is how they used rugged twill instead of canvas, because it is holds up so well under rain and is extremely water proof (proven by the fact that it was raining on the very first day of classes) so no worries about getting your computer damaged. The only thing I don't like so much about the bag though is how heavy it is. Everyone here knows a textbook can weigh as much as a small child and to carry that amount of weight with such a bag makes things really heavy real fast. For such a sturdy bag of twill and real leather though the weight is inevitable. The problem is easily solved by carrying the textbook(s) in my arms. So sit back and relax and just laugh at those girls carrying those ooooooogly nylon Longchamp bags, which to me screams HIGH SCHOOL like no other–and er, to those who do have and like said bags please don't take it too personally, cheers.


Moorea Seal said...

LOVE that bag. love love.
xo Moorea

lin said...

Your bag definitely looks like it could take the weight of hefty books, haha. And I'm one of the Longchamp girls, hahahahaha. I depend greatly on my Longchamp messenger because it's lightweight so it doesn't kill me after I toss in my yoga clothes, packed lunch, and work stuff. It's definitely not strong enough for laptops and heavy books though. I find them quite classic actually, but don't worry, I'm not offended :)

Lucija said...

Ohhh, your blog = CHIC!
Wonderful post!!
Follow each other? :)


amy said...

Your write with brilliance, and wit. I adore reading your blog.

I want this bag.
I want this bag.
I need this bag.
I need this bag.

love and rest,
(^.^) Hope to hear from you. x

Phara said...

That bag is pure perfection Joy!

Sara C. said...

Such a cute bag
Have a nice day
Sara C.

lauren carney said...

your bloggy blog is sugar, spice and everything nice!
many compliments your way for all the loveliness compact into your page!

merci! x

Amelia said...

I am glad I've finished uni only for the comfort of not carrying so many books and notebooks with. Next year when I'll start my masters however...

Would this fair well as a day bag?

Emi Coco said...

Lovely post! I'm LOVING the bag.

You've got a cute blog! Check out mine? And maybe follow?

xx/Emi Coco


the notebook doodles said...

aaahahhaha hilarious! in regards to the longchamp bag :D i completely agree!!

ps. sorry for the other comment, i read that post first before this one. my bad! but i'm still considering if i should get this bag or not.

L.L. said...

I'm in love with Filson messenger bags

Joy said...

@Lin, I totally understand that there are other factors that make the Longchamp bag as popular as it is. For the most part I'm mocking those girls who just follow what everyone else is doing just because they seem to fail at forming their own opinion and take on things. Oh snarky me :P
@Amy, this is only one of the many many bags from Filson. You should really check out their website for more.
@Phara, thanks darling!
@Sara C., you have a nice day yourself too!
@lauren carney, you're too nice. I don't know what to say!
@Amelia, seriously good luck with your masters. I think it's a little big heavy and bulky as THE day bag but I don't see why it can't be lugged around for trips other than the library or classes ;)
@the notebook doodles, THANK YOU FOR AGREEING WITH THE LONGCHAMP BAGS. no problem, it's ok if you didn't see this post before that. it's pricey so it definitely warrants more time to think about. it too ME the whole summer!
@L.L., die hard Filson fan here. Have you checked out their collab with Levi's?