Friday Favourites IV

To those new to the blog and the series, "Friday Favourites" is a on-going series where I just post some of my favourite videos I've seen thus far on Vimeo. Each of the works, of course, belongs to their creators. Enjoy!

Garden by tiger in a jar

Monster Rally - Surf Eerie by Tyler Coray

Lifetime Collective Spring/Summer 2012 "The Road Trip" by Salazar

Slow Magic // Corvette Cassette by Feel Good Lost

16Bit - Dinosaurs by ljudbilden


Grace said...

Wow these are truly great :D
Thanks for sharing!

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Love these!

Amelia said...

Sweet. I especially liked Slow Magic//Corvette Cassette

Rachel said...

I love your blog - why have I only just found it?!

Amber said...

These are great! I love this second one!