To Wellesley

Outside of her "dorm"
Before I stopped by Jada's in Cambridge, I went to Wellesley to celebrate my BFF from high school's birthday. At first I was a little reluctant in going because I was exhausted by last week's midterm rush before Thanksgiving but I am so utterly glad that I went. Not only did I manage to hang out with Jada afterwards, I was also able to truly catch up with my boarding school pal. As chummy as I can get with my new friends at college, there is something still quite different in talking with someone that you've known for the past five years now. She feels like family in how comfortable it is to be completely frank to her about anything, and feels reassuring that she would not judge me and only listen to me in what I have to say. Since she had to write about the history of Wellesley for class, she was able to give a comprehensive mini tour of the campus, which was both interesting and informative. Too bad she's camera shy or she would have been in some photos below. And did I mention Wellesley looks glorious in the autumn weather?

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