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As far as I know, the people at Dior/LVMH HQ has yet to appoint a new head designer after the departure of John Galliano. Some names have been thrown around, but Marc Jacobs is doing well at Louis Vuitton, as Riccardo Tisci with Givenchy so why mess with a good thing and not go look for designers elsewhere? Here are two designers that I would love to see as a new creative director for Dior.

Name: Christian Lacroix
Experience: 22+ years, Christian Lacroix (1988-2009), Christian Lacroix Couture (1987-2009)
Why He's the Man for the Job: With an obvious flair for the dramatics and extensive experience in couture, he will undoubtedly be well adept at designing the fabulous extravaganza that Dior has become known for under Galliano. Daring and adventurous, Lacroix consistently manages to create new exciting collections every season with brilliant uses of colour and different fabrics. Because of his impeccable attention to detail, his pieces are unfailingly infused with a sense of elegance and never comes off as tacky. Lacroix also succeeds in straddling the fine line in RTW, which he has to tone down to make it comparatively more wearable, but it is never seen as completely commercial and still retains an artistic quality to them. I have always thought that Lacroix was a better designer in haute couture when compared to Galliano because he has a delicate sensibility in his approach to clothes that the other designer lacks. His designs are not mere pieces of clothing but works of art.
Availability: Due to the bad economy, Lacroix had to shutter his namesake label although I suspect he will eventually make a come back once he finds the right investor(s). The menswear line continues but it is designed by another designer, not Lacroix. Let's not waste good talent shall we? Meanwhile (and I can't believe I'm saying this) Lacroix should consider doing a high street collaboration. I can only imagine how freaking fantastic that would be. I'll be ready to camp outside the store days in advance on a moment's notice.

And for the other designer they should seriously consider...

Name: Olivier Theyskens
Experience: 14 years, including Rochas (2002-2006), Nina Ricci (2006-2009), Theory (2011-)
Why He's the Man for the Job: The man is the epitome of all things ethereal and romantic. He's an absolute genius at draping and there's something about the way he does it that reminds me of vintage Dior from the old days. RTW is going to be a piece of cake to him, and if anyone had any reserves on whether he can do full blown couture, look no further than his impossibly beautiful dresses. His pieces look deceptively simple, however the devil really is in the details with the careful attention to the different fabrics, textures, draping and the sculptural quality to some of his dresses. His designs are young and refreshing, while still approachable and palatable to older clientele. He can do what Christophe Decarnin did for Balmain in updating the label without completely abandoning the aesthetic and tone set by Galliano.
Availability: Currently, he is the creative director at Theory and while his most recent collection for them was great, he would be a definite darling of Paris Fashion week should he helm Dior. Dior is a much higher profile gig and he would make a lasting mark in fashion history as creative director.

Courtesy of NYMag
Both designers will be utterly fantastic as creative director for Dior. Lacroix is perfect for it, but I don't doubt for a moment that Theyskens will be great as well. Sadly I question whether these two will be picked or not but I'm still optimistic, with my fingers crossed.

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