The Sunrise at Angkor Wat


I haven't felt quite so drained...since I stopped doing crew. I meant to update and check in with you lovely people earlier but after an entire day of walking around thousand year old temples in the hot humid weather, all I want to do once I enter into the hotel room is to plonk down on my bed and pass out. Which I did. Anyway, I managed to find some spare energy this evening even though I did get up at the crack of dawn this morning to go see the sunrise at Angkor Wat. There is only a small batch of photos right now on Flickr, but I'll be adding more as I go along (and perhaps even tomorrow morning!). This, of course, includes way more detailed posts with more writing soon. I'm thinking that the future posts will be organized by different themes around a central subject/idea and not so much in a day-to-day diary format. Hint: Though Angkor Wat is incredibly beautiful, majestic and breathtaking, its not my favourite temple yet.

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