"You Being All Mysterious with Your Cheekbones and Turning Your Coat Collar Up So You Look Cool"

I love it when Watson calls Holmes out – it's the best thing ever. Still, I won't be gushing about Sherlock since I am sure everybody by now is weary of the zealous Sherlock fan girl (I am most bothered by the ones who proclaim to know everything about Sherlock Holmes even when they haven't even touched any of the original novels and short stories, harrumph). Regardless, since it's abysmally cold and snowy outside (see Flickr for more details), I have stopped thinking so much about what to wear come spring. I'm still looking at coats and other winter wears courtesy of the Paris F/W 2012 fashion week that is still going on. When I was watching Sherlock early January, I remembered really liking the tailored coat that Sherlock always wears on mission (with navy blue scarf natch). I think it's the same one that Sherlock threw at Irene Adler in the A Scandal in Belgravia episode to cover herself up.

It seems that I am not the only one who noticed the impeccable well suited wardrobe of the famous detective (sorry Watson, you not so much) and that there are already a few articles to be found on GQ UK on it. Apparently the coat is from Belstaff and the site released a little tidbit about since the coat became so popular in the UK it's a "thing" now for a lot of men to have.

The reason why I'm writing about this show is because a few days ago, I was feeling a little "Holmes-inspired" and wanted to wear a dark tailored coat like his, only to realise that the only remotely tailored coat I have is my grandpa-chic duffel. This was rather upsetting since the fact that I don't even have a simple dark tailored coat has become glaringly obvious as another sign that I still have yet to own a solid foundation of basics. Which dark coats do you recommend looking into once my shopping ban is over?

P.S. Am I the only one who finds it strange that while the US is all over Downton Abbey (clearly they like their British TV) but little to no media outlets write much about Sherlock. Bizarre.
P.S.S. I think I will stop Menswear Mondays as a weekly feature for now however there will still be an odd post now and then (on Mondays still) so I will keep the Menswear Monday button. 

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