Gearing Up for Greece

Sorry with all the spotty posting this month so far. School's gearing up to finish (only nine more days of classes, which is CRAY CRAY) and it's amazing how schoolwork and stress never fails to snowball. To be honest, maybe it's all the work that has been distracting me so far, but blogging "fashion" in general has fallen way down my on my list of priorities. I also haven't been reading many blogs as of late, period. However I would like to attribute more of that to me not buying anything at all and also to learning to streamline my wardrobe for the past month.

What is on the top of my list of priorities is gearing up and preparing for my two month long seminar/internship in Greece this summer. There's some paperwork left to be done, a few bikinis and a pair of good hiking shoes left to buy, but otherwise that's all that's left between me and sweet beaches of Santorini and Chania. Though I would like to stop buying things and save some for couch surfing weekend trips with a couple of girlfriends, I think I might have to re-evaluate my summer wardrobe since I just realised I have very few clothing that's suitable to hot coastal Mediterranean summer weather. For inspiration, I look towards À nos amours, a 1983 Maurice Pialat film about a promiscuous 15-year old Suzanne, who is wonderfully portrayed by a super talented Sandrine Bonnaire. It's a fantastic film that I urge all to see; what really caught my eye in the film is the timeless-ness of the Suzanne's wardrobe. Perhaps its due to the cyclical nature of fashion, I had thought the film was recently shot in the past decade. What's more is that the light cotton layers she wears throughout the film is pretty much ideal to what I should wear to Greece (plus pastels is a hot Spring 2012 trend,  though when wasn't it? *faceplam*). I welcome (and am in sorely need of insight) advice from anyone who has been to Greece or anywhere with similar sort of weather in the area for what to wear and expect. I grew up in Hong Kong so I'm no stranger to high humidity and heat. Meanwhile I'll be reading Athen's Guide, word for word.

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