Mad for Mad Men

One of my midterms got pushed back for a few days, so I finally got a brief respite from studying to post something substantial. If you didn't know Mad Men finally returned for season five on AMC two weeks ago, you must have been living under a rock (...or you just don't live in USA, duh). Regardless, I'm so happy season five is back on air and though I have yet to find the time to watch it right now, my friends and I have been trying to squeeze as much precious time we have left aside from studying to re-watch past seasons and refresh our memories. The series has managed to heavily influence my aesthetics again just by rewatching past episodes, from making me want to smoke even when I'm not a smoker to buying several Revlon lipsticks just so I can feel like Betty Draper for a few short glamourous seconds. God knows how much I've missed the show and I can't watch season five AND Game of Thrones. I feel so spoiled for choice after the whole dry spell after Sherlock and Downtown Abbey finished airing. Bet you all know what I'll be marathoning through the second my midterms are over. Anyway, I wanted to share some of these wonderful behind the scene photos of Mad Men by James Minchin III that I found both humourous and aesthetically inspirational. Hopefully you will too.

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