Out in the City

My cousin and I went out to go watch The Avengers (2012) at a theatre in Times Square today and I have to say Joss Whedon really outdid himself with this one. I didn't expect it to be that entertaining or funny and it totally delivered on all fronts. I can never get enough of Tony Stark's huge ego (Robert Downey Jr. is my other "old(-er) man" crush other than Colin Firth) and the Hulk's utter lack of a sense of humour. I didn't watch Thor or Captain America so I missed a few references here and there and was sad not to see Edward Norton, but all in all it was fantastic summer blockbuster :)

We stopped by Shake Shack nearby perhaps it was because we were so so so hungry, but I gotta say the double Shackburger is definitely up there in the top three best burgers I've eaten IN MY LIFE.

Anyhow I figured we were so close to Bryant Park, I might as well go to my favourite magazine store ever called Around the World Inc. I know I'm using a lot of superlatives here so far but you've got to believe me when this magazine store has every art/fashion/culture magazine you could ever want. I picked up a old issue of The Gentlewomen and spent the rest of the afternoon at the park reading. I'm sad I didn't have the chance to read the latest issue of Acne Paper yet since it got to my college mail box on the final day of school so I had it shipped to Vancouver. I figured I wouldn't have much of chance anyway being so busy in Greece until the end of July but you'll be sure that I'll do a write up on it for the blog. Daphne Groeneveld looks amazing on the cover of Self Service, but at $35  it can wait for another time. I plan to visit the Prada + Elsa Schiaparelli exhibit tomorrow at the Met so I should hit the lights and catch up my beauty sleep. I will write again very soon now the school is over!

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