2012 in Film

Though The Great Gatsby is by far the most hyped period film of the year, it's not the one that I'm most looking forward to. What I am most looking forward to is actually Joe Wright's interpretation of Anna Karenina. While I am hesitant to watch Keira Knightley in yet another period film (and it's their third collaboration together), I just LURVE everything that Wright does so I have absolute faith in him. I also have my reservations over Knightley being Anna, I will withhold my judgement until after watching the film since I am optimistic that she will do an equally good job. I hope Dario Marianelli will be the composer for the soundtrack (perfect study music) and I trust that the costumes will look absolutely amazing (as seen from the trailer).

I'm also looking forward to Django Unchained, since Quentin Tarantino's films = instant fun in my books. Also there's Christopher Waltz, 'nuff said.

In spite of the fact that this film features Kristen Stewart (who some say is actually a decent actress, but I have my reasons...), I love everyone else featured in the film. While On the Road wasn't my favourite book of all time by any means, I still enjoyed it immensely so I look forward to its silver screen adaptation. I think this film would have the biggest impact aesthetics-wise, after Moonrise Kingdom, just because the nostalgia and romanticism for the Beat Generation is still so strong in mainstream society.

Other films that I want to watch really badly are Moonrise Kingdom (which is already talked to death on the blogosphere), Les Misérables and The Dark Knight Rises. 2012 will be a great year for film––I just know it.

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