VanDusen Botanical Garden

VanDusen Botanical Garden is easily one of the most beautiful places and therefore also one of my favourite places, in Vancouver. It can most definitely hold its own against the more better known botanical gardens, such as the one in Brooklyn. It's smaller but that also means that there is denser collection of flowers, which means the scenery all the more gorgeous. The fact that there are random sculptures sprinkled all over the place as part of the ongoing art exhibition makes for an interesting experience.

Perhaps wearing a pink sweater to go the gardens was a bit too obvious a choice, but pastels > neon any day. I was a bad patient today in not wearing my special strap on boots, since I thought wearing just one white chuck would make the other strangely pristine in comparison.

Being amongst the roses reminded me how I was once the Queen of Hearts in the my sixth grade production of the musical 'Alice in Wonderland'. Thank god the role did not require any singing abilities apart from shouting "off with her head". I feel bad for not writing lengthier pieces, so hopefully more will be coming shortly very soon!

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