Downton is Back

I know the photo in itself is SUPER SPOILERY but there just isn't any better photo out there to announce the long awaited season three of Downton Abbey. Words simply cannot convey the amount of excitement I felt this weekend when I found out that Downton Abbey is airing again in the UK. It was a completely shock – I had been so focused on Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad this summer that I just never saw it coming. I feel like I've been caught cheating on my significant other. Nevertheless, I'm tremendously glad that it's back, giving me much needed fashion inspiration for the new season and of course, something to obsess over other than schoolwork.

First though I have to start off with a small grumble, in that Sybil has become rather matronly (not so hot) after marrying Branson. She is the hot young one! Let her be, even though she's married! It doesn't help that I don't particularly like Branson. Their romance seemed so exciting and fun back when it first started, but now that they are actually together, I'm no longer such a fan. I feel bad for her in that she is caught uncomfortably between her brash radical of a husband and the rest of her upper crust family.

I mustn't forget about Edith here, since she is almost never in the spotlight. I really do feel like she's kind of neglected in the family, attention-wise, but I suppose that the fate of most middle children. I also hate to see her cast as the "ugliest" of the sisters, when she really is quite pretty in her own right. Just stop being so damn desperate and I'll respect you a little more. Her dresses were beautiful in this episode.

So let's talk about the best dressed character on the show instead, Mary Crawley. Unlike Sybil, she did not disappoint! From all the classic 1920s silhouettes of all the dresses, you can definitely tell how the time period of the show has changed. It's definitely much more and less tailored than in the past. The beading and embroidery of her black dress here is particularly lovely.

Nothing in particular to add here, except I love how vain Mary can be. With her entourage of course.

Who else would come to the wedding all the way from America, if not for Martha Levinson, the wealthy mother of Countess Cora Grantham. I like how "loud" and ostentatious her coat and hat is, contrasting her of the nouveau-riche from the old money blue bloods of the Granthams. What the three sisters wore to their grandmother's arrival were absolutely wonderful and superbly tasteful.


And here comes the bride! Mary's wedding dress is a perfect example why modern brides should try something that is not strapless for once. It's so simple; the dress is made from multiple layers of (presumably) soft simple white silk. There is little jewellery, save for her diamond leaf headpiece, which take the spotlight. Her dress actually looks rather modern due to its sheer (pun intended) simplicity. What makes it all the scene ever more perfect is the amazement and wonder in her dads' gazes. There is just something about father-daughter moments that just gets me RIGHT THERE in the feels.

Now Matthew and Mary are FINALLY husband and wife. It took two freaking seasons, but it was well worth the wait. No words: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3. 

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