Fall Break

This year's Fall Break was the most intense one I've experienced in college yet. After debating at Harvard for the first time ever (debating itself, not Harvard), feasted on food truck goodies in the middle of Boston, then jumped on a bus to NYC, listened to a friend of a friend who was a soloist in a concert at NYU, bought another friend's CD (listen to them here!), visited an Opening Ceremony store for the first time and walked to High Line park while eating and shopping the entire way.

I also managed to pick up some new Uniqlo basics (read: more sweaters) and made an effort to check out their new collection in collaboration with Undercover's Jun Takahashi, although everything I liked from the collection were sold out :/ That was the only real bummer of the entire Fall Break except that I have comfort from knowing how seamlessly the sweaters will fit in with my existing wardrobe.

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