As someone who prides herself on her mad skillz in curating, finding out what I like and what I don't like (it's a two way street), I am far less susceptible than your average consumer over being easily swayed by mere pretty things. In spite of all of that, I must say the new Louis Vuitton Fall "L'invitation au voyage" campaign featuring my favourite model by Inez and Vindoodh is incredible. I'm not even going to fight loving this, as a huge art lover (the Louvre being the locale of the shoot) with Arizona Muse of all models. Haven't loved a big fashion campaign this much in a long time (aside from lookbooks of much lesser known brands). The only issue I have with the video campaign is the overtly suspenseful music. You hear it in every thriller and I won't be surprised if even iMovie has it as one of their sound effects tracks. No one's gonna killed anytime soon here so quit being so serious over handbags? Awesome huge high quality photos behind the jump.

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