Happy Holidays

I didn't bring anything festive home to wear, so I had to raid my dad's closet and ended up with some very bright athletic wear left over from the 80s. The radio silence these past two weeks were not at all intended – I was planning to post as soon as last weekend before finals but then the Sandy Hook shooting unfortunately happened on Friday, which left me really out of the funk to do any blogging of the sort. Though I am finally done with my finals, as I am out of the US, I do not have access to HBO Go and thus I am not finished with making screen caps for my In Vogue documentary review. I PROMISE that the review will be completed as soon as I return to the US (which is not too far in the future as I plan to spend January term there). Cross my heart and hope to die. So bear with me while I continue to blog throughout my winter break? Happy Holidays everybody and all the best for the new year! We survived the apocalypse!

Edit: A reader asked where I got the jeans. It's from Uniqlo (as always). The rest is from my Dad so I have no idea. The green sweater could be vintage (yes my dad is that old and probably has it for that long) Ralph Lauren.

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