Resolutions Old and New

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I stayed in to rest after the insane craziness of NYE in Hong Kong, which consisted of counting down (no ball drop but the fireworks make up for it) atop IFC and later bar hopping around Lan Kwai Fong. It's not that I have to nurse a giant hangover, but I get tired much more easily now and need to "recharge my batteries" after going all out. Or it could just be that I'm getting oldddd. Yep that sounds about right. At least I got round to finishing A Storm of Swords and now moving on to A Feast of Crows?

Since I got back to HK on the Dec 24th, I have been super busy running around like a headless chicken catching up with family and friends, celebrating both Christmas, Boxing Day (Canadian alert) and NYE and never got the time to catch my breath. As I result I never got round to reflecting on last year's resolutions and I'll make a few for 2013 in this post.

On the whole I think I did quite well for this year in terms of abiding (fulfilling? completing?) by last year's resolutions if I may say so myself. I've pretty milked my new camera for what it's worth from using it intensely day in and out for Greece this summer. I've tried to write a bit more this year by starting "Curating + Collecting." This doesn't mean that I've been entirely successful. I didn't mange to diversify types of content much with videos or drawings, but I suppose I should stick to and refine my bread and butter of text and photos. Future chances for video making will always be there if need be. I didn't manage to fit in any guest posts at all, which is such a shame and something that is going high up on the priority list for this year.

So, what to look out for next year? More guest posts most of all. More fashion in film post featuring lesser known (preferably art house) films. Bridge my interests in fashion and economics by writing more on the two together. Seriously consider acquiring my own domain for the blog. Conduct interviews of talented bloggers and people I know in real life. Non-blog ones include: be a little kinder and more patient, buy only what I need and STOP PROCRASTINATING. I will stop here as I like to keep the promises I make. Happy New Year.

Is there anything you think I should add to my small small list of resolutions? What kind or what more of things do you want to see here? I'll put them into consideration.

By the way, check out my accidentally Karlie-like hair. LOL. I brought in a photo of Olivia Wilde but it ended up looking more like Karlie's than hers. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, but not what I intended either. I probably should have brushed my hair before I took the photos but what the heck, it was my day to bum around.

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