Post Nemo

According to Gawker, I really shouldn't be calling it "Nemo." What the heck. After frolicking in the snow and eating a good hearty breakfast, today is the perfect day to finish up reading for classes beside the window with a good cup of hot chocolate in hand. It's also a great day to browse through Cereal, a new Kinfolk-esque alternative from the UK. In comparison it is by far more food and travel oriented. I first found the magazine with Sam in Hong Kong. I didn't get it then because it was seriously overly marked up. Check out parts of it on their website or get it yourself for just £10. It'll be interesting to chart the progress of the magazine and see if it'll make the same kind of waves Kinfolk did here stateside on the other side of the pond.

P.S. Happy Lunar New Year to all! 新年快樂. There's no lai see for me to collect YET AGAIN this year. Harrumph. That's what you get for studying in a small town in the middle of nowhere I suppose.

This is not a sponsored post; I was not compensated in any manner.