As part of an attempt to be practical about building the wardrobe, I must introduce you to two bloggers whom I find are the best at giving the readily applicable advice: Maria of Lost in a Spotless Mind and Anuschka of Into-Mind. I don't feel as comfortable giving specific tips as I think my strong suit lies in the more theoretical/analytical part of curating the wardrobe. I'm not too methodical about it either—it's all up in my noggin when I curate. I don't lay out Excel spreadsheets and carefully catalog each item, though I think it might be fun to do on a slow weekend afternoon sometime soon. I'll update you guys and share the list should I get round to it.

There are no absolutes to curating, but guidelines are always helpful, whether you are a beginner or not. Especially if you are a beginner, you want to know how to start don't you? I read these bloggers regularly myself, and while I don't necessarily apply all their tips, I learn so much from their insights.

Maria is a true professional. Her job is, after all, to train fashion consultants and the like. Thus expect nothing but extremely well laid out posts with easy to follow advice and tips. I just love how thorough she is in her posts and how much ground she covers too, from maintenance of clothing, to styling tips to how to dress according to your body type and shape. Her blog is the style manifesto you wished someone had wrote, the style guru you always wanted—a blog of solid, stable, tried-and-tested, timeless advice that anyone could use.

Anuschka's blog is fantastic in her incredible attention to detail. Nothing, and I repeat, nothing escapes her eyes, with her laser-like focus on how to put together the most immaculate wardrobe. Furthermore, she can takes wisps of passing inspiration and distill into actual pieces within a cohesive collection. No one sees the bigger picture and the smaller picture at once as well she does. Her methodical approach to dressing spills over to also other aspects of her life, in both jewellery and makeup. If only I could be nearly as organized!

I am sure everyone can glean and learn something from even the most casual reading of these blogs. The best of all, it's all very digestible and not dry. Professional how-to style books can also learn a thing or two from these two. They would be the ones to email for questions on curating, while I hammer away on the boring stuff like the economics of curating ;)

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