Spring Cleaning the Mind


How does one even begin again after my last post? I spent most of the weekend before the post moping, not doing much, save for the odd shower. I sent an email to my professors and excused myself from classes that Friday. From past experiences though, constant sleeping in and not having a schedule is one quick track to depression. So I forced myself up as the week started again and resumed my normal schedule of classes. I also made my way to the gym for the first time in the semester to get my fair share of endorphins. Boy am I unfit.

My friends were incredible. They took me to Petco (my first time ever). Apparently it was a vaccination day so there were a ton of adorables doggies of all different breeds around for me to play with. Pet therapy is the bomb. That wasn't just it though. They also brought me to the mall to visit dun dun DUN, Forever 21. It must have been over two years since I've been to a Forever 21 store. Honest. And I cringe as I type this: I bought three items of clothing. The quality is shit (to be expected) and rather slutty (therefore not fitting in with my existing wardrobe at all), however they were purchased under extenuating circumstances and I really needed the extra retail therapy.

I had originally planned to stay away from the blog for at least 2+ weeks. What made me really snap out of it though was learning that my professor's wife gave birth over the course of the week. Literally witnessing life moving on before me was surreal. Classes were cancelled (yay) but geez were those giant spoonfuls of perspective pie! Since, I've recovered from a bad cold (the things you contract when you visit your boarding schoolmates at Lena Dunham land Oberlin) and managed to complete two midterms and problem set. Woot woot.

Bet you guys thought I would forget to say one big giant THANK YOU to the Internet. You people are supposed to be creepy and scary. The numerous kind and sweet tweets and emails I received were anything but. You guys know who you are! Even others who did not send me a personal message per se, thank you for continuing to read this blog and giving me a platform to share all sorts of random fashion-related thoughts I have on the spur of the moment.

It's been a while since I've shared things I've like on the web on the blog:
Thank you Marlene for featuring me along with some of my own favourite blogger ladies, such as Hannah-Rose and Fen Frances. Thanks Kali for your thoughts on my one-off piece – it's good to know I'm not just talking to myself. A "rebuttal" may come as time permits. Thanks Katrina for linking me in your links loved. Thanks to Joshua Baker of Becoming Minimalist for sending a crap ton of traffic my way.

Can't believe March is already here! God knows I need spring desperately.

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