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 Many a great good things had happened since I last posted. I really must have forgotten how hectic and stressful school is over the long winter break. I have never been so hammered with french assignments before (readings, reading comprehensive questions, mini-essays and presentations all in one blow) and on top of that summer school applications. For now I am done with them but I see a huge biology exam looming ahead next week and a flurry of other things to do before then. Ah, school really makes us work for our grades! I've learned though from this experience to prepare a few posts beforehand to make sure the blog doesn't dry up from the lack of content. 

Speaking of lurve, since it is Valentine's Day, does anyone think I should give the Modern Love College Essay Contest a try? I think my story, though probably not the best written, would still be an interesting read of a single straight girl in an all womens' college among your typical, stereotypically hyper-sexualized, alcohol-fueled college atmosphere. There are also considerable contrasts from the two co-ed schools around here so I can talk about the two and such. I think it would be a fun endeavor indeed, whether I would win or not. I really miss doing things just for the sake of doing them.

And lastly for those who have bought things from Lands' End before, do they always send "Thank You" cards? I got a handwritten one on Friday unexpectedly saying that quality is guaranteed and send all questions to this email etc etc etc. This is probably commonplace at least for those used to ordering from catalogues but this was a pleasant surprise for me. Bravo marketing team at Lands' End, for touching base with your clientele and establishing brand loyalty.

I will be keeping up with regular postage, and lastly here's a little something something from an alum:

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Raulston said...

In regards to the "Modern Love College Essay Contest" I say go for it. Why not? Thin of it as chance for you to improve your writing abilities and hey it could be great practice for upper level courses. Go for it!