Who Else is Loving This?

I never paid much attention to Theory previously, which makes sense because I am not a working gal myself (yet). I'm so glad Theysken's back into the game after his unceremonious departure from Nina Ricci (which I absolutely ate up as a silly, wide-eyed fourteen year old). Everything is so well done and just so wearable and classy.
This concert I was looking forward to all week just got canceled and on top of that, I had a four hour lab to endure without any breaks from classes. I am thoroughly exhausted and must go nap a bit to only continue reading Emile Zola for french class tomorrow. I'm losing it! I will definitely post something substantial tomorrow, je promets!

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SML said...

yes! i'm absolutely loving theyskens' work for theory. they've always been pretty nice for basic pieces imo, but he's made me pay attention to them in a whole new way.