Thoroughly Swamped

I was so happy that I got to go off campus last weekend go visit my friend at the college nearby, after waiting her to come back from the Black Solidarity Conference dinner at Yale. Anyways if you cannot tell, it was absolutely freezing that day and I can't say I looked my very best since I slept for five hours at the very most. Also I was rather slapdash about my appearance because I woke up with a groaning headache that day - I think it was from drinking too much coffee before I got onto the bus.
I was very irritated by how cold it was because just a few days earlier it was gloriously warm and I could swear I thought spring was just right round the corner. 

The first picture is of the building right outside my house. Look at how dreary it is! I don't want to spend the entire post whining but I really need spring soon. Anyhow I was able to indulge in some great crab cakes while my friend had clam chowder. Mmmmm, thinking about it makes my mouth drool! Oh why did I have to post this before going to dinner very soon? I know I will be most likely disappointed with the dining hall offerings (spoilt child speaking, yes).

I shouldn't be saying this, but my friend's college is so so beautiful and I daresay even more beautiful than mine. Though I wouldn't give my school up for the world, I just like the overall atmosphere of the campus better. I really want to come back and visit for spring because I know it can look only better then. 

Anyway I am afraid it is still mid-term week so I am still drowning in school work. I am barely coasting and am basically dragging myself from one activity to another. I can feel my eyes strain from the lack of sleep so I am truly looking forward to this weekend for some much needed (and dare I say much deserved?) sleep. I promise a much longer post very soon as well as other fashion-related goodies as Paris Fashion Week I mean Milan Fashion Week is starting!


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures in this post. They have a very 1970s feel, like scanned Kodachromes.

Raulston said...

I can really relate to this title! Midterms! Best of luck to you!

Z--- said...

beautiful post!!xxx

Dan (dmvarley at said...

You have a really lovely website here. Definitely enjoy the collegiate pictures mixed in some fashion as well - as you know from my own tastes. Beautiful design, too