Goodbye February, Hello March

I'm so glad my least favourite month is over to welcome my most favourite month of the year (not because you know, ahem, it's my birthday month). Anyway the weather was treacherous today because last night's rain got frozen over by the night chill and this morning it was raining on top of the slick sheet of clear ice covering all the sidewalks. Let's just say this morning I saw five girls slip on my way to my drawing class, which is only a few minutes anyway. Luckily I escaped unscathed but I do feel bad for my classmates who did not.
I hope spring is coming soon and I did hear something about it coming earlier this year (something related to groundhogs day or whatnot - it doesn't hurt to be optimistic). At least Spring Break is right around the corner, right?

No worries, this is not going to turn into a food blog anytime soon, but it's suppose to tide you over until my last midterm of the week is finished by DÉMAIN! But speaking of food I think I should heed the advice of M. Lebovitz even if it's on food blog per se. It has many advice that a blogging n00b comme moi, should learn from.
 By the way though I didn't watch the Oscars last night I was ecstatic to see that Colin Firth, finally finally got his much deserved award and that The King's Speech managed to nab Best Picture and Best Director from The Social Network. It's strange that this year I've pretty much watched all the movies that got nominated except for The Fighter. The only low point of the evening was that Hailee Steinfeld didn't manage to win Best Supporting Actress, even though I thought she should really be in the Best Actress category (she did steer the whole film with her own true grit).
But until then, I hope everyone started the week on the right foot (sans slipping and all).


Trou, .bleuebird said...

Oooh yummy. Perfect for a day of relaxation.

Raulston said...

You forgot spring break! It is almost here! Happy early birthday as well!