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Have you guys heard of all the crazy things that are going on at Paris Fashion week? First there was the Dior's firing of Galliano and next are rumours of Pilati leaving YSL are coming up again, Decarnin's failure to be present at Balmain, along with more possible internal restructuring at LVMH. I don't know if anyone escaped unscathed some way or another. To placate everyone's confusion over all the Paris drama, here is the most gorgeous and inspiring Vogue Paris beauty editorial I've seen in a while (compared to the little girls in makeup? yes) in Carine Roitfeld's last issue. Is it just me, or is Melanie Ward--who styled this editorial--is doing an awful lot of work this season? 

And to end on an especially happy note, the countdown to Spring Break begins: D-6.

P.S. I also did some reorganizing of the blog that leaves part of it incomplete for now. What do you ladies and gents think? Comments and suggestions are very much welcomed.


Benoit said...

Love your blog


amanda archambault said...

haha I love this
Great post! Thanks for sharing,
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Lex said...

Beautiful photos. I love the yellow nailpolish.

Jessie said...

Insane news. I was wholly unaware of the drama across waters.

Rebecca Clairine said...

great photos !
lovely :D


Claire said...

lots of drama! but i love the photos!

xoxo :)

JoeyAna said...

the whole Dior ordeal is madness!


ChiccaStyle said...

Amazing post, thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this, its inspiring

amalie said...

wow, gorgeous! love the sequined eyes and lips.

Anonymous said...

Love this. yellow is hot too. xoxo

jesper said...

I must say that Anna de Rijk is one of the most gorgeous women in modeling right now.
And trust me, she is just as gorgeous in real life.