Goodbye Galliano Too?

It's too bad my first fashion post in a while had to be about this but, this is the latest on the John Galliano and Dior issue from NYTimes by Suzy Menkes:
John Galliano’s departure as design director at Christian Dior brings to an end a wild fashion ride, in which grace, glamour and shock, in equal measure, sent the once conservative Parisian house leaping forward both in its image and its financial success.

Dior said in a statement Tuesday that it was beginning legal action to dismiss Mr. Galliano, the 50-year-old designer, whose romantic and theatrical fashion shows revitalized haute couture, following accusations of drunken anti-Semitic rants in Paris.
I have to admit Dior wasn't my ultimate favourite brand, but I did like gorging on their fabulous fantastical spectacle of a couture show, which was really fun to watch. I don't really know all the nitty gritty details over the "anti-Semitic rants" but I do hope Galliano can recover from this and move on to better things. Bon courage!

(As for image, sorry for the quality for it was hastily made.)


ChiccaStyle said...

Amazing post, love it!!!

Anonymous said...

it really sad to be honest :(
but great blog :D

dulci said...

Bon Voyage to him!

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Eline said...

I hope he will continue creating genious clothes!

Brittany H. said...

Hi Joy, I saw a comment by you over on Intimate Vignettes and I had to ask, what is a Korean notebook? Whatever it is, I want one!

Great post. I am a huge fan of Dior, and it's sad to see all this chaos.

Happy Friday!

Beckerman Girls said...

Au revoir Galliano!!!
xoThe Beckerman Girls

hannah-rose said...

your images are fantastic, i love how you've put them together. wonderful. and as for dior and galliano - despite everything he's done at Dior and what a wonderful designer he is, he said some horrible things and I can't quite get over that just yet. I do hope he gets the help he needs though, and that in the future he'll be able to keep making clothes.