A Classics Conundrum

It is universally known that the most essential item to a traditional wardrobe is the WHITE BUTTON DOWN SHIRT. It is easily the most versatile thing to wear to be dressed up or down with the right combination of bottoms and accessories. Such an item of clothing is invaluable to the owner of the garment and will save them not only time but also money and headaches. No more painful moments staring at a full closet wandering what to wear you'd cry! However, the search to finding the right shirt for the curated wardrobe is much like trying to find the perfect black dress. It's everywhere in all shapes and sizes, but to get something that fits you exactly perfect in the most suitable style and cut is the hardest thing ever. To put it plainly, because it's supposed to be a major workhorse of the wardrobe, it just has to work every single time you wear it, meaning that it cannot be anything less than ideal. After searching for a year or two now, I have yet to find something that is the shirt for me. It is only after assuming that 99.9999% of my readers are female do I feel comfortable telling people this - that one of the biggest reasons that I have trouble finding the shirt that fits me seamlessly is because I have a heftier bosom than the average Asian girl. This problem is compounded by the fact that my waist is quite small relative to the bosom so that if I were to find a top that sits perfect on top, the bottom tends to sag shapelessly. On the other hand, if I find something that does fits my waist nicely, the buttons starts to unpleasantly strain. My mother always says that it's a problem that most girls would like to have, and while I have her to thank for the genes, it doesn't make it any of a lesser problem for me. It doesn't help at all that fashion designers now seem to design clothes that cater to a more slender, lanky, masculine body that is quite the opposite to mine. The easiest solution to my problem would be to go the tailor and have one custom and hand-made but that requires a certain amount of dough one doesn't have. Alas, the hunt continues.


e'clair said...

And I thought I was the only one! For similar reasons, I have come to the conclusion that "the perfect white shirt" was a myth, or at least, only wearable by everyone but myself. I don't own a single one.
But, oh, if I could pop over to Paris, I would go to Alain Figaret to look for a white shirt, because those shirts are cut so well. They may have a boutique where you are, if the quality is what it was, they are not expensive (I have had mine for almost 15 years, and they are as good as new).

Kay said...

I feel your pain! I am still searching for the perfect button down, but when I find it, I'm buying multiples!

xo, {with fingers crossed}

Phara said...

Still haven't found one either... It seems to be pretty hard finding the right one!

Joy said...

@ Kay and Phara - aren't we all? I wish you both success in this area.

@ e'clair - thanks for the rec! I'll look into it :D

Prêt à Porter P said...

Meet yourself half way. When you find a shirt that fits in the bust take it to a tailor/seamstress to have it fitted in the waist. True alterations add an additional expense but it ends up being worth it instead of cycling through "almosts." Also if you ever choose to go the custom route you have a mold to go from. I did this recently with pants. I found a pair that fit me in the waist, and had the alterations in the leg based off a pair I already had.