Friday Favourites II

I was in the middle of writing a post on Bill Cunningham's fashion documentary before I realized that it's FRIDAY = Friday Favourites post numéro deux. This was originally meant as a weekly feature but evidently it didn't quite materialize. For the first post, please click here. Without further ado, here are some things that I found that are beautiful/inspiring/interesting on Vimeo. These works belong solely to their creators and I have no claim on them.

This is quite new in the favourites category - after all I just found it today. I'm so glad because it's the greatest tour of the city you'll ever be on without actually going there. I still can't believe a friend called Milan and Florence quote on quote "boring". Our friendship almost ended after that.

This is a very pretty, sleek animated video by couple of young, mostly Chinese art students. I am an ardent promoter of contemporary Chinese art and of course, am extremely glad that they're putting their work on the table up at Vimeo.

Um, how badass is this? A different volcano on Iceland is erupting this time a few weeks ago and the guy behind this had the nerve to fly up close to an ERUPTING volcano and film it all in the process. Kudos to you, dude.

This is only a screen shot because the woman behind it disabled embed option for this video. However it's so awesome that it's totally worth hopping over to Vimeo to go check it out here. The video first begins by looking strangely erotic but then morphs into something more morbid and scary to absolutely terrifying. Drowning by chocolate anyone? It's like reading Poe but watching it on film.

I am always such a big sucker for time-lapse videos accompanied with a great soundtrack. Remember the guy who did the that time-lapse feature on top of a mountain in Spain named THE MOUNTAIN? He's back again with a super awesome vid of the arctic lights.

This series will always be tagged with Art lest you lose track of this series and want to come back to it and check up on my progress. À demain!


Phara said...

Ohmy, that chinese art video is so amazing, quite perfect. Loving these friday favourites! :)

Anonymous said...

thank god jon gustafsson is insane -- the volcano vid's incredible!

Cookies said...

The chocolate video is really something ! And of course, I love the last one !

(thank you <3)

Joy said...

So glad you guys love 'em! Extra incentive to keep doing them. Thanks!

Selene said...

Milan isn't just boring but also SO ugly! Sorry, but that's the true... :)