The Geek in Me

Apart from being a huge history nerd and a die-hard bibliophile, I am first and foremost the biggest art geek ever. You should have seen me drool at the end of last year at MOMA when they had a special exhibition just on ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM in the New York where they hung Rothkos and De Koonings side by side. Or maybe the other time where I had to lie to an art gallery in Shanghai so they would show me the good stuff hidden away for only serious buyers. Anyway, I should not embarrass myself further, but let's say if I had all the money and time in the world I would be attending the following. Life is so not fair. The only other art expo I'd die to go is DOCUMENTA in Germany (and maybe ART BASEL).

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Kay said...

I may rival you for biggest art geek ever. :)
Just discovered your blog, very much enjoy it!
Merci & bisous, {with fingers crossed}