Fall 2011 Couture Makeup

Sorry for the lack of beauty posts. I'm one of those ten-minutes-and-I'm-out-the-door kind of girl. A little blush, mascara and good skin goes a long long way! A lot of attention has been given to the couture collections but little to the make up and hair. Here are some backstage photos from CHANEL, CHRISTIAN DIOR and VALENTINO that I loved. It's strange that there are no backstage photos of Givenchy's own couture show. Let me know if you find it?

Chanel: Reminds me of Lara's Vogue Paris October 2010 Cover

Valentino: Nothing particularly unique, but nonetheless striking. This looks more spring than fall though, hmm...

Dior: There were many looks throughout the collection but I thought the sequin ones were the best. Hated the collection; loved the makeup. 
Photos via Style.com


Libby, Vintage Aplomb said...

I love the third look for everyday wear and I love the sequence and glitter for going out!!

Anonymous said...

I love this kind of fresh faced make-up, the girls eyes in photograph 3 are just immense.

are you dressing up or dressing down said...

such pretty looks.

Helen, X

Anonymous said...

sequin faces, instant fave.

Kel said...




Marissa Joy said...

So beautiful! Love the lace covering the eyes!


The milk thief said...

love alll the looks



le blog mode Miss Zaza said...

very nice, so beautiful !