Mr. Adorable

I was outside planning to take some simple photos to update the blog and guess who I met? MY NEIGHBOR'S LITTLE BOY! Because I spend so much of time either in the U.S. or Hong Kong I rarely see him anymore. I still remember holding him when he was just a little baby right from the hospital and he's so big now! Why do little kids have to grow up so fast? Anyway he is quite the stylish little man here. He's wearing pseudo-Madras pants paired with my favourite colour of the summer this year, orange. And the Crocs? Usually they're unforgivable but he's only three and he is really rocking that safari hat and monkey backpack combo so the cuteness wins.


The Pink Monocle said...

what a cutie!!! He looks ready for the calgary stampede! By the way I love the name/header of your blog. Certainly didn't miss the preppy touch, but sadly it's a rare breed..

The Pink Monocle

Anonymous said...

I always think that Crocs are so adorable on little kids despite how utterly frightening they may be on adults. Sorry, forget may be - despite how frightening Crocs always are without exception on adults.

Better! Haha! Love your blog and it's format(!), and would love for you to drop by my site, The Internet Garbage and leave some feedback if possible!
I am following you! And hope that you do the same for my site if you like it!

Louder than Silence said...

Such a sweetheart! Really like the look of his monkey backpack. Sally x

Lucija said...

He's super cute!
Follow each other? ;)


Emma said...

Cuteness wins, for sure. x

Austere said...

Awww, he's so cute! And the child leashes/backpacks, he must be one who loves to wander and explore.

Sisters and Sisters said...

these photos are such an inspiration!:)
loves it

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mlw said...

adorable! kids do grow up too fast, makes me feel old!

Phara said...

Cuteness does win indeed!

Lindsay K said...

And note to self- START THEM YOUNG.

He's as cute as he can be and I love his outfit.

Teresa said...

How adorabuls. I bought my nephew the same monkey walking leash thing at Target. :)

   ♥ Teresa ♥
- Pretty Dandy -