Composers of My Life

Please tell me I am not the only one who listens to film soundtracks! I think the reason that I like to listen to them as much as I do is because they are so good at setting the atmosphere around me (very much like the tone of the film) and capable of triggering many memories of the scenes that have been assigned the song. Moreover they lack lyrics so soundtracks are not distracting at all–great for studying/reading/drawing/writing. FYI: I don't have Hans Zimmer here but his music makes studying intense. A. A. Rahman for dancing and parties! Because I am so bad at finding music myself, I usually rely on the guidance of others such as Jada for music suggestions or download playlists from Miss Moss or Unabashedly Prep and therefore am reluctant to be suggesting songs myself. However there are two tried and true composers that keeps me coming back to listening to their scores every time without fail. The two are Alexandre Desplat and Dario Marianelli, both Oscar-nominated composers who each boast impressive résumés. Here are some of my favourite soundtracks from the two. I tried to not let my opinion of the film itself cloud my judgement of the soundtrack but the logic here is that the soundtrack make a film significantly better than it already is, but most great films usually has awesome soundtracks.
From Desplat:
From Marianelli:


Jada said...

You are not the only one, Joy!!!
I am OBSESSED with film soundtracks. I could just lie in bed and listen to the new Pride and Prejudice soundtrack. "Mrs. Darcy" is my favorite track...

English Muse said...

Marianelli is extraordinary. I think he's the reason I cried so much during Atonement.