Life's A Beach

This bag is definitely the find of the week from the little girls' section of Zara. I have been trying to find a small pouch/purse type thing for a long time now. I never understood those girls who lug those ginormous totes around but I always appreciate it that they do because they will always have an extra packet of tissue, band-aid etc whenever you least expect it. It's like the yƍjigen-pocket that Doraemon has (brownie points if you get this reference). Anyway this bag will be super useful especially for college parties because you can always keep this with you–everything you'll need then is just an student ID card and cash. The bag is small but you can fit all necessities and I included the photo below for scale. Since those 'what's in your bag' memes are making the rounds with fashion bloggers again I guess I will do mine here. Some of things I carried with me to the shores today are:
  • a MAC Russian Red lipstick
  • lip balm
  • cash
  • point-and-shooter
  • third generation iPod Nano (soooo old school I know but I don't want to ever give up my wheel control thingy)
  • my Vancouver phone for the summer 
  • debit card
I wish I could lay everything all out for you guys, alas it is not so practical on the sand. For those who are not having such good weather on the other side of the continent due to Hurricane Irene, I hope everybody stays warm, dry and most of all safe.


Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

It's perfect! I want

Clara Turbay said...

I like so much this blog.
I´d like you check out mine.

Vanessa Lu said...

i love that bag and the colour it's in!

Raulston said...

I know you don't start till the day after us but if you are already back on campus be safe! Wishing you well!

Joy said...

@Raulston, haha no I'm not back on campus yet–I'm trying to make summer last as long as possible even though in hindsight it's probably best that I go move and settle in. The only thing I'm worried about is the basement getting flooded!

Phara said...

A very lovely bag!

Katie said...

Gorgeous bag! I love it! Love seeing what you carry around too :)

Phara said...

I'm good, bit busy at work, but managing to have a little fun too ^^ How are you dear?

teresa said...

Zara Kids always have these nice small bags. I should drop by the shop tomorrow and see if I can get anything before summer ends!

Lindsay K said...

Oh yes the 'kids' section can be wonderful- such a smart way to shop, as you can save so much money. That mac red is so pretty on you.