I know I had said I didn't want to talk about back to school items quite yet, but I am so in love with these sweaters. They came out a while ago but I can't think of anything better for the New England fall. I hope they fit well on a female frame! Go Gant.
Also to note for the immediate future, I want to finish a good prodigious number of posts before school rolls around in September so you might see multiple posts in day. *fingers crossed* Happy sweater hunting!

Photos from Pursuit Aesthetic. Video from Vimeo.


design elements said...

just found your blog. wondefrful selction of images! happy Sunday


Katie said...

Love these! Wish I could get my boyfriend to try any of these looks haha

Sheena said...

I'm loving the entire ensemble on these men. I think they would fit nicely on ladies as well!

Kirstie MariƩ said...

Great post! I love that old feel to the video, so befitting to the sweaters also. I think blogging about returning to school is pretty much inevitable considering term time is looming, and I for one would love some of these pieces in my wardrobe come late September when it starts again. Such wishful thinking ha


Jada said...

I love everything about the ivy/trad style! I want fall now...just because fall fashion is the best :)
I'm heading back to school beginning of Sept. I hope you can visit Cambridge soon!

Raulston said...

1. Is certainly wears I would sport on the court.