Happy Thanksgiving

I am trying to channel a look that is a cross between Mizuhara Kiko + Arizona Muse à la Self-Service front cover here but I probably end up looking like some strange Asian Margot Tenenbaum. Oh by the way, this is the other sweater I got from Oona's at Cambridge. Anyway it's my first thanksgiving with a blog and I want to thank all the wonderful people I've met through the blog. I can't believe I'm blogging alongside such incredibly interesting, smart and creative people. I also seriously cannot ask for better readers and the fact that I have readers at all blows my mind. I also want to thank F. at Greensleeves to a Ground for allowing me to collaborate with him on what will be a monthly series on female styles of the past. F., I'm sorry that I cannot write directly in French and you have to translate everything! (Quel dommage non? One day...) I have to go and stuff my face now full of turkey, stuffing and all that good stuff, so I wish everybody a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving!

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