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I can't believe I still have finals next week, and since I like to pace myself instead of cramming everything and calling it a day, I won't be leaving for winter break until the 23rd :( Note to self: never take five classes again, esp. when three of them are so quantitatively heavy! Meanwhile, I've been tagged by the lovely Amelia of Le Petit Bruit. Apparently this is how it works:
1. You must post these rules.
2. Each per­son must post 11 things about them­selves on their blog.
3. Answer the ques­tions the tag­ger set for you in their post, and cre­ate 11 new ques­tions for the peo­ple you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 peo­ple to tag and link them on the post.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have linked him or her.
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff in the tag­ging sec­tion about ‘you are tagged if you are read­ing this.’ You legit­i­mately have to tag 11 people.
First off, 11 Things About Me (the most random things possible):
  1. I can eat rice everyday till the day that I die and I'm not even trying to be stereotypically "Asian".
  2. I am always daydreaming/thinking when walking from i.e. point A to point B, so people think I'm mean and am ignoring them even though I'm just lost in a daze.
  3. I managed to get out of all 'sports days' throughout primary and beginning of secondary school, only to be forced to participate in interscholastic sports for all four years of boarding school.
  4. I sneeze after eating at least 70% dark chocolate (apparently this is actually a legitimate thing called the 'photic sneeze reflex', also called colloquially the 'orgasm of the face').
  5. I'm allergic to bananas. 
  6. I can play Big Two (card game), Mah-jong (beat my grandmother once, score!) and Go-Stop (thanks to the many Korean dorm mates in high school).
  7. I speak five languages with varying degrees of fluency.
  8. I am still trying to work my way through the Harvard Classics in my spare time and hope to finish the entire list before I graduate from college.
  9. I'm cheap and like to download books off Project Gutenberg to read them for free.
  10. I can never manage to get the film off the film canisters in the dark room.
  11. I have suffered from a case of bathroom-phobia ever since I was nine, because of this movie. Why did my cousins think it would be a good film to watch during a sleepover?
Questions from Amelia:

1. Which historical figure would you have liked to meet?
As of right now, since I just finished taking a Roman art history class and am watching HBO show Rome while I procrastinate during my finals, Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus.

2. Is there a book that has truly impacted your life?
Yes, and it is Plato's Symposium.

3. What is your favorite movie?
Too many to list! I guess for all films released (stateside) in 2011 this year, MMMM, Drive, Midnight in Paris and The Hedgehog.

4. What is your pet peeve?
The smacking sound people make when they eat with their mouths open. Drives me BONKERS.

5. Which era would you have liked to have been born in?
When all Seven Wonder of the Ancient World + the library of Alexandria still existed.

6. What traits do you seek in people?
Trustworthy, reliable, honest, not too easily offended/touchy/defensive, sense of humour

7. What language would you like to learn?
Russian and Arabic.

8. City life or country life? 
I was born a city girl but I've learned to adore the country life, so the country life but with killer internet.

9. What is your favorite quote?
I have three and they're listed down below!

10. When you're sad in what do you indulge?
Emotionally intense movies––it makes my own problems seem so much smaller in comparison.

11. Favorite/the most true piece of advice you ever got. 
My mom gave me How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie during the final year of high school. Maybe she was trying to insinuate something, but basically everything in that book and of course, the last lecture.

And now for my own questions (!):
  1. If you could be anyone for a day (could be fictional/historical), who would it be? 
  2. Field Notes or Moleskines?
  3. What is the last thing you ate?
  4. If you can be anywhere you want right now, where would it be? 
  5. If you could go back in time and change any historical event, what would it be?
  6. What is your favourite piece of clothing in your wardrobe right now?
  7. Which would you prefer if you had to pick either one, Zara or H&M?
  8. Morning person or night owl? 
  9. What is the last thing you do before you go to bed?
  10. Favourite smell in the world? (No perfumes allowed)
  11. Most important lesson learnt in 2011?
I tag: Phara, Jada, Teresa, E'clair, Katrina, Fleurette, Stephanie, Hannah-Rose, Rachel, Lindsey, Hila

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