Thoughts on Boy. by Band of Outsiders Pre-Fall 2011

Photos courtesy of and Boy. by Band of Outsiders
I told myself that I could blog again once I crossed a certain word count on my essay, so here I am. Above are some pieces of the collection just released by Band of Outsiders. The whole collection (total of 18 pieces) can be seen on Anyone who is familiar with the nature of pre-fall collection will know the simplicity of the collection is due to the fact that the in-between collections are always more commercial and wearable compared to the normal twice-a-year seasonal collections. The reason why I like this collection is because it encapsulates the label's ability to combine preppy elements and put its own signature quirky twist into it to make it look understated, kempt and fun all at the same time. It's clean in a Euro Miu-Miu/Marni way but still has ounces of Americana to spare. I can't wait to see their F/W 2012 collection, but until then, back to the essay I go...

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