We're Going to Have a Warm Winter Here

Christmas feels so strange without snow at all, especially when I remember just how much snow there was last boxing day (in NYC––remember that?!). I thought I would be able to post since I have all the time in the world now, but my mind went on vacation mode and all the ideas I had went down the drain. My Christmas came and went quietly as it was celebrated as per usual huddled around the fireplace with cups of eggnog and some old family photo albums (so embarrassing) in hand. Yesterday, I went Boxing Day shopping with the family (Boxing Day sale in Canada is as crazy as Black Friday in the U.S.) and did not buying anything except for this Benefit Eye Brow kit thing at Sephora, which wasn't even on sale. I only bought it after loving how natural it looked on 0000. Otherwise I couldn't care less about what was on sale at all––maybe this shows how I managed to wean myself off from cheap thrills and stick to building my wardrobe? Who knows. On the other hand, speaking of proportions I love the way these jeans taper from hips and hit slightly above my ankles. I thought I was way over distressed anything but I adore how 'lived in' they feel. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christkwanzikah! I promise I'll get at least another post in before the year is out :)

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