L'Air du Temps

Before I was even able to wrap my head around the clothes or Olivier Theyskens, I could already recognize the smell of L'Air du Temps. I basically grew up with the perfume. Mum occasionally dabbled among other perfumes (like the famous No. 5) but she always stuck with and came back to the L'Air du Temps. I distinctly remember there were a period of time in the late nineties that she would have to buy multiples of it at a time since it getting unpopular and hard to find (at least in Hong Kong). I'm so glad that all Nina Ricci perfumes now have gotten a kind of a comeback into mainstream popularity. I don't even mind getting the perfume myself since it smells so––well appropriately––timeless, always fresh and never dowdy, nor is it ever too sweet, too strong or musky. I will be giving a bottle of it to my mother shortly, so Happy Birthday Mum! Stay tuned for an end of the year wrap up/recap over the next two days? What type of perfume did your mum wear?

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