My Date with Teresa

During my short stay in HK, I met up with Teresa to just hang out and chill in coffee shops and go check out Jack Wills. Even though we've never met before (in person), we have so much in common that we never ran out of topics to talk about. This is why I officially have to announce that I just LOVE LOVE blogger meetups, because it's just so much fun. I know people aren't suppose to meet up with strangers that you've online (how sketch does that sound) but I don't know––all my experiences have been great so far. But of course you have to be on your guard to make sure that the person you're meeting is not a 40 year-old pedophile and my advice would be to meet them in open busy public spaces.

She was sweet enough to take me to Jack Wills, which I have been dying to see ever since I broke up with Brooks Brothers (LOL I can't believe I wrote that). The store was HUGE and had plenty of stuff to browse through I have to say I was a tad disappointed since I was so in love with the handbook catalog and their campaign for this season. I reckon this was just a case of idealizing something so much in your mind that when you see the thing/person in real life, it never really quite matches its unrealistic perfect image in your mind. There were a lot more sweats and hoodie that I had imagined, which gave off a kind of A&F vibe––adding more disappointment to it all. Then again, Teresa duly informed me that apparently a lot of HK folk are still salivating after the brands which no one should touch after middle school (A&F, Hollister, etc etc), so I do get why Jack Wills included the sweats there. I have yet to understand though why HK folks are so in love with overpriced jeans and hoodies à la A&F and company when you've got such awesome stores such as MUJI and UNIQLO everywhere. Can we switch places people?

We later head to Dai Haang (which is in between Tin Hau and Causeway Bay) where there were a ton of cute of little eating places around. Our first pick for a café that was out of the way and really really obscure with impossible hours, and wasn't open when we got there. However our second pick of a café was still pretty good regardless (it just means that we have to make a trip next time to go to our first choice I suppose Teresa), and had crazy awesome decor like hanging teapots and cups for lights. Both my cup of cappuccino and Teresa's hot chocolate were delish, and we shared a creamy caramel thing (I'm blanking on the French name of the dessert snack) which was equally fantastic. It's too bad I don't remember the name of the café but you can see the iconic lights from the shop window so you can't miss it.

Lastly to end, almost as if its proof of how much we have in common, we wore similar things to meet up with each other. I forgot to take a pic of what I was wearing that day, but it was my red breton stripe top with boyfriend jeans paired with my old oxfords in the vein of Paloma from The Hedgehog. Teresa has seriously good taste and here is a link for all things creative in HK that she shared me which I liked. Thanks for meeting up with me Teresa and hopefully I'll see you again soon!

Also before I forget again, yesterday was the blog's first birthday! Happy birthday blog!!! *pats monitor* Thank you everybody for such a great year and here's to many many more to come. Most bloggers give grand giveaways for their blog's birthdays but sadly I'm just an ordinary college girl with no budget to spare :( Hopefully in the future I'll find something great for people to win.

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